25 Jun

Many of us might be using AOL mail for a long time but now there are many users who are dealing with AOL issues like can’t get AOL mail on iPhone but you do not need to worry as in this blog we are going to provide you with the ways using which you can fix this issue. Fixes to fix AOL not working on your iPhone devices – 

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  1. Restarting the AOL app 

Restarting the app might be an option for fixing the error you are dealing with AOL. You need to first close AOL and all the other apps which are working in the background on the device and then open the AOL app again.

  1. Removing and then reinstating the AOL account 

The reason for AOL email not working on iPhone might be because of the account of AOL mail which you are using so you need to first remove the account which you are using in your device. After some time you are supposed to add your account on your AOL app. 

  1. Resetting multiple account using settings 

You need to follow the steps which are mentioned below for the users which they need to use to reset the multiple accounts from the settings tab. 

  • For this the users need to open settings first and then from there they need to hit on AOL. 
  • Under AOL they are supposed to select the option of reset all accounts which will reset the account present in the AOL app. 
  1. Deleting the app and reinstalling the app 

The users can also try to delete the app which you are using and then following this the users can try to install the app again on your device to fix the issues of AOL mail not working on iphone.

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